Angioplasty is a percutaneous procedure to treat the blockage in the arteries of the heart. This blockage is a type of heart disease known as atherosclerosis.

Angioplasty may be a treatment option for you if:

  • You’ve tried medications or lifestyle changes, but they haven’t improved your heart health.
  • you have chest pain (angina pectoris) that is getting worse.
  • You have had a heart attack. Angioplasty can quickly open a blocked artery, reducing damage to your heart.

Angioplasty is not for everyone. Depending on the extent of your heart disease and your overall health, your doctor may determine that coronary artery bypass surgery is a better option than angioplasty for you.

  • You may need coronary artery bypass surgery if all three blood vessels are blocked.
  • Your heart muscle is weak
  • You have diabetes and several serious blockages in your blood vessels

In coronary artery bypass surgery, the blocked part of your artery is bypassed using a healthy blood vessel from another part of your body.

Placement of stents:

Most people who have angioplasty also have a stent placed in their blocked artery during the same procedure. A stent, which looks like a small coil of wire mesh, supports the walls of your artery and helps prevent it from narrowing again after angioplasty.

Here’s what happens during a stent placement:

  • The stent, which collapses around a balloon at the end of the catheter, is guided through the artery to the blockage.
  • At the blockage, the balloon inflates and the spring-like stent expands and snaps into the artery.
  • The stent stays permanently in the artery to keep it open and improve blood flow to your heart. In some cases, more than one stent may be needed to open a blockage.
  • Once the stent is in place, the balloon catheter is deflated and removed.

Angioplasty is a very low risk procedure and can be performed on very high risk and elderly patients. After angioplasty, the patient can do routine work after 24 hours.

dr. Baboe Reddy | Advisor – Cardiology | Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, HSR Layout, Bangalore

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