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If you have a serious illness, you first look for a good doctor, then you look for the best hospital. If you are looking for the best hospital for kidney cancer treatment in Delhi NCR then we will guide you with the best hospital. Kidney cancer is a very serious disease and it is very important to be treated at the right time. But the treatment of kidney cancer depends on the type. For this, doctors find out through some tests how much part of the kidney is infected with cancer, after which they decide which treatment is best for the patient. If you want to consult a doctor for your treatment click here,

Best hospital for kidney cancer treatment? (Best Hospital for Kidney Cancer Treatment in Hindi)

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Types of kidney cancer? (Types of Kidney Cancer in Hindi)

There are four types of kidney cancer.

  • Renal cell carcinoma: It causes about 90% of kidney cancer cases. It originates from the lining of small tubules in the kidney.
  • Transitional cell carcinoma: It accounts for 5 to 10 percent of kidney cancer cases. It is also called urothelial carcinoma.
  • Wilms Tumor: This tumor is also called nephroblastoma. It is commonly found in children.
  • Kidney Sarcoma: It accounts for only one percent of kidney cancer cases. It is treated in the same way as other sarcomas.

What Causes Kidney Cancer? (What Causes Kidney Cancer In Hindi)

It is not yet clear what causes most kidney cancers. Doctors know that kidney cancer starts when some kidney cells make changes (mutations) in their DNA. A cell’s DNA contains instructions that tell a cell what to do. When the mutation occurs, the cells begin to grow and divide rapidly. Abnormal cells that accumulate form a tumor. Some cells can spread to other parts of the body.

What Are the Symptoms of Kidney Cancer? (What are kidney cancer symptoms in hindi)

Many people do not detect cancer early enough. But as the tumor grows in size, the following symptoms appear.

  • lump in the stomach
  • body pain
  • blood in the urine
  • swollen feet
  • loss of appetite
  • feeling tired all the time
  • rapid weight loss

It is not necessary that these symptoms only occur if there is kidney cancer. See your doctor immediately if you experience any of these symptoms.

What Are the Stages of Kidney Cancer? (What are the stages of kidney cancer in hindi)

  • Phase I: Kidney tumors are up to 7 cm wide or smaller and occur only in the kidney. It has not spread to lymph nodes or other tissue. (Lymph nodes are little “filters” that keep out germs and cancer cells.
  • Phase II: At this stage, cancer only occurs in the kidney. It has not spread to lymph nodes or other tissue.
  • Phase III: In stage III, the cancer has spread to the body’s major blood vessels. It has also spread to the renal vein and inferior vena cava, or to tissue around the kidney, or to nearby lymph nodes.
  • Phase IV: Cancer has spread to lymph nodes outside the kidney or to other organs. In most such cases, doctors advise the patient to have a kidney transplant.

How to prevent kidney cancer? (How to Prevent Kidney Cancer in Hindi)

Take some steps to improve your health. Doing so may help reduce your risk of kidney cancer. Try the following to reduce your risk:

  • Quit smoking: If you smoke, don’t. Doing this is good for your overall health. If you want to stop smoking, tell your doctor, he will help you.
  • Maintain a healthy weight: Work to maintain a healthy weight. If you are overweight, reduce the number of calories you consume each day and try to be physically active most days of the week.
  • Control high blood pressure: Ask your doctor to check your blood pressure at your next visit.

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