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Cancer cases are on the rise all over the world, but their treatment is now largely possible. So you do not need to be afraid of this disease. With the rapid advancement in medical science and technology, almost all cancer diseases are curable. Cancer is an abnormal and dangerous condition that occurs in the body.

Cancer occurs when cells in the body begin to grow and divide abnormally. Our body is made up of trillions of cells. Healthy cells grow and divide according to the body’s needs. As cells grow or become damaged, these cells also die. In their place, new cells are formed. But when a person suffers from cancer, this process does not work. If you have cancer, we will tell you which hospital you can go to for your treatment.

  • Apollo Gleneagles, Calcutta
  • Amri Hospital Salt Lake, Salt Lake, Kolkata
  • CK Birla Hospital, Kolkata
  • Rabindranath Tagore, Kolkata
  • Fortis Hospital, Kolkata

What is Cancer?

Most cancers are tumors, but there is no tumor in blood cancer. However, not every tumor is cancer. Cancer can develop in any part of the body. Usually it spreads to the surrounding tissues. Abnormal and damaged cancer cells spread to other parts of the body and begin to form new malignant tumors.

There are over a hundred types of cancer, including breast cancer, ovarian cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and lymphoma. The symptoms and tests of all these cancers differ from each other. Cancer is mainly treated by chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

because of cancer

There is no known reason why cancer occurs. However, certain factors can increase the risk of cancer. We must avoid exposure to potentially carcinogenic factors to save ourselves from this deadly condition.

However, it is not in our power to prevent cancer caused by genetic factors, which is a major risk factor for cancer. Despite this, those with a history of cancer in their family should take extra care and get screened. Early detection of cancer also allows timely treatment to be started. Some important factors that can increase the chance of getting cancer.

Chewing tobacco or smoking cigarettes: Consumption of nicotine present in these things can cause cancer in any part of the body.

Jean: If there is a history of cancer in the family, the chances of getting this dreaded disease increase significantly. Cancer can also be caused by faulty genes.

Virus: Hepatitis B and C viruses are responsible for up to 50 percent of liver cancers, while human papillomavirus is responsible for 99.9 percent of cervical cancers. ,

Food Ingredient: Today, most fruits and vegetables are contaminated with pesticides, the consumption of which has undesirable effects on the body. Reheated food, overcooked food, reheated oil becomes carcinogenic.

Carcinogens in the environment: Whatever we eat or drink, the air we breathe, there are many elements or substances in it that can increase the risk of cancer.

How many stages are there in cancer?

Most cancers consist of a single tumor and can be divided into five stages. All of these stages of cancer tell you how serious your cancer has become.

Phase 0: This tells you that you do not have cancer. However, there are some abnormal cells in the body that can develop into cancer.

Phase I: At this stage, the tumor is small and the cancer cells have spread to only one part.

Phase II and III (Phase II and III): In stages I and II, the tumor increases in size and cancer cells also begin to spread to nearby organs and lymph nodes.

Phase IV: This is the final and most dangerous stage of cancer, also known as metastatic cancer. At this stage, the cancer begins to spread to other parts of the body.

What tests do doctors recommend to diagnose cancer?

Doctors try to diagnose cancer by looking at physical symptoms and signs. After taking your medical history, a physical exam will be done. A urine, blood, or stool sample is taken for testing. If cancer is suspected, you may have X-rays, computed tomography, MRI, ultrasound, and fiber optic endoscopy tests. All these tools allow doctors to easily know the location and size of the tumor. Whether someone has cancer or not, it is easy to find out through a biopsy.

What are the treatment options for cancer?

Doctors can determine the treatment option based on the type, location, or stage of the cancer. In general, cancer treatment mainly consists of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy, immunotherapy and stem cell transplantation.


Doctors try to remove the cancerous tumor, tissues, lymph nodes, or another area of ​​cancer through surgery. Sometimes doctors also perform surgery to find out the severity of the disease. If the cancer has not spread to other parts of the body, surgery is the best treatment option.


Chemotherapy is carried out in several stages. In this process, the cancer cells are killed by the drugs. However, this method of treatment is quite painful for some. It also has many side effects, mainly hair loss. The drugs are administered both by ingestion and by intravenous injection.

radiation therapy

Radiation has a direct effect on cancer cells and prevents them from growing again. This procedure attempts to destroy cancer cells using high-energy particles or waves. Some people receive radiation therapy alone during treatment, and some receive surgery and chemotherapy along with radiation therapy.


Immunotherapy enables your immune system to fight cancer cells.

hormone therapy

This therapy is used to treat cancer that is influenced by hormones. Hormone therapy significantly improves the prognosis of breast and prostate cancer.

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