Superfoods for your heart health

The heart is one of the most vital organs of our body, pumping blood to all parts of the body. It pumps nutrient-rich oxygenated blood to the body’s cells. It also carries deoxygenated blood to the lungs, kidneys and liver to remove carbon dioxide and other waste products. Like other organs, our heart also needs … Read more

“Excessive sweating, increased shortness of breath may be signs of heart disease in children”

1) What is the right age to get heart-related testing in children? Not all children need routine heart-related testing. Children should be checked regularly by their pediatrician and if the pediatrician suspects heart disease in the child, they will be referred to a pediatric cardiologist. The pediatric cardiologist will then assess the child in detail … Read more

Advanced Cardiac Care Techniques | Narayana Health

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are one of the leading causes of death. In the medical field, there are many technological developments in the cardiovascular department on a daily basis. The latest techniques for cardiac patients in India are HD IVUS for superior cardiac care in PCI procedures. Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI or angioplasty with stent) is … Read more


Angioplasty is a percutaneous procedure to treat the blockage in the arteries of the heart. This blockage is a type of heart disease known as atherosclerosis. Angioplasty may be a treatment option for you if: You’ve tried medications or lifestyle changes, but they haven’t improved your heart health. you have chest pain (angina pectoris) that … Read more

Nutrition and cardiovascular health

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the leading cause of death worldwide. In India, one in four deaths is due to cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular diseases represent a group of conditions that affect the heart and blood vessels. It includes hypertension, stroke, peripheral arterial disease, atherosclerosis and venous diseases. According to several studies, the chance of developing cardiovascular … Read more

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Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in India. A healthy heart translates into a healthy life. The lifestyle choices you make determine how happy your heart is. While age, family history, and genetics can predispose you to heart disease, a healthy lifestyle can significantly reduce your chances of developing heart disease. … Read more

I’m just 30 years old!!

A few days ago, while having coffee with one of my colleagues, he started having sudden chest pains and was sweating profusely. Looking at his condition I felt it could have been a heart attack and I suggested the same to him but he replied and I quote “I can’t have a heart attack: I … Read more

Diet and Lifestyle Changes: Take Your Step to a Healthy Heart

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) affect the heart and blood vessels. Irregular heart rhythms, coronary artery disease, congenital heart disease, heart attack and stroke fall under Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs). Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the most common causes of death worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 18 million people died of cardiovascular disease in 2016, one … Read more