5 winter care tips for the elderly

Winter Safety for Older Adults The elderly are at greater risk for weather-related health problems and injuries when temperatures drop, such as hypothermia. Cold weather leads to a lowered body temperature and the body undergoes thermoregulation to adapt to the new climate. You can have a healthy, super-powerful winter by taking a few simple precautions … Read more

Muscle Burn – Is It Good Or Bad?

Overview You’ve finally taken your first step towards fulfilling one of your New Year’s resolutions: getting fit and starting to exercise. Every day is a different workout routine – sometimes lifting weights, other days cycling many miles. But when you exercise, you experience a burning sensation that gradually stops when you stop exercising. Have you … Read more

General Precautions and Health Check

Quick and easy tips to make yourself rain proof against diseases during the monsoon season: Have a happy monsoon. Stay safe from monsoon sickness. Indian monsoons usually bring relief from the summer heat, but also bring numerous vector, airborne and waterborne diseases. Every year, with changing seasons, there are different health challenges, and our body … Read more

Definition, Symptoms of Imbalance, Causes and Prevention

Overview Electrolytes are chemicals that naturally have negative or positive electrical charges when dissolved in water. They help the body regulate chemical reactions, maintain the balance between fluids inside and outside cells, and more. Electrolytes are also essential for diagnosing various diseases and medical conditions in your body. What are Electrolytes? Electrolytes are chemicals that … Read more

Symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention

Overview Drinking enough water is essential for the proper functioning of our body cells. But overhydration is a problem. The amount of water one should consume daily cannot be calculated using any specific yardstick. But the generally accepted suggestion is to drink at least eight glasses a day. A person’s environment, exercise routine, general health … Read more

What is Comorbidity? – Types, treatment and COVID-19

Comorbidity refers to the presence of two or more diseases or conditions at the same time or sequentially. Other comorbid terms include co-occurring conditions, co-existing conditions, or multiple chronic conditions. Comorbidities are non-communicable diseases that are responsible for about two-thirds of all deaths worldwide. This equates to nearly 36 million deaths per year. High blood … Read more