Identification of patients with epilepsy before they have epileptic seizures

Most people think that seizures are the only sign that someone has epilepsy. However, neurologists know that there are some signs and symptoms that can indicate epilepsy, even when people don’t have obvious seizures. These signs and symptoms help us identify potential epileptics and provide treatments that can reduce the risk of epileptic seizures. Some … Read more

Fact or Fiction? Your guide to epilepsy

If your child has recently been diagnosed with epilepsy, you probably have questions. What you may not realize is that much of what you know about epilepsy may be wrong. Epilepsy is surrounded by mystery and misinformation. Some of the disinformation is harmless. However, some of it could be harmful to your child. We are … Read more

Treatment for Epilepsy in New Jersey

If you are faced with the diagnosis of epilepsy, you are probably already looking for the perfect treatment. That means putting together the right medical team to help manage symptoms. At Neuro Center NJ, we provide treatment for epilepsy in New Jersey. We can help you find the right combination of tools to aid in … Read more

How much can it cost to treat epilepsy

One of the challenges of having a chronic illness such as epilepsy is that the cost of treatment can be prohibitive. From diagnostic costs to medications and the routine visits required to make sure you’re following the correct medication protocol, costs add up quickly. For some people, this can mean delaying diagnosis and treatment. For … Read more