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The medical tourism sector has received a lot of attention in recent years, one estimate shows $273.72 billion by 2027 There is a possibility of India, which was leading in this race, Medical Tourism Index in 2020-21 10th rank Has been reached, which has proven to be an important destination for global healthcare.

Government of India One-stop portal with a lot of technology to promote medical tourism in the country “Heal in India” This will increase the chances of international patients coming to India.

According to the Economics Times, international experts have forecast for India 110% with an estimate of $13 billion (USD) in 2022 There is an astounding growth of In addition, that has also been estimated By 2030, 30 lakh international patients can come to India for their treatment.This year, the country has made an ideal start to make 2022 the “Year of Medical Tourism”.

GoMedii contributes to this vision and idea Digital Health Enabler & Facilitator (digital health enabler and facilitator) is working to play a vital role in promoting the medical tourism ecosystem.

There is no doubt that India global healthcare ecosystem Emerging as “Pharma King” in India. Let us tell you that it is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, which puts it ahead of most developing countries. Recent campaigns are led by the Government of Indiahealed in IndiaWhat makes this initiative even more different, it also offers the opportunity to achieve many successes in the near future.

Right technique by dear Prime Minister, Private and public companies Also mentions the potential of a combination of and effective implementation to make India a hub of medical tourism.

In terms of arrivals of foreign tourists with a medical visa, an increase of up to 40% was observed between 2017 and 2019. The credit for this actually goes to the Government of India. He has simplified the entire process of obtaining a medical visa and obtaining an e-Visa, helping foreign patients in India to receive faster treatment.

When it comes to public-private partnerships, the idea is illustrated in case studies from similar economies such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey and Malaysia. Medical tourism contributed AED 1.4 billion to Dubai in 2016, adding $362 million to the Malaysian economy, and medical tourism in Turkey is expected to be worth AED 3.5 billion by 2022.

This shows that the very good public-private partnership has helped them to successfully increase the revenue from the medical tourism industry to their gross domestic product (GDP). A Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is a collaboration between the public sector and the private sector with the aim of delivering a project or service traditionally provided by the public sector.

This reinforces the fact that public and private stakeholders A good partnership between the two can ensure both good growth and better potential in the medical tourism sector in India.

Regular operation of medical tourism

One of the most commendable efforts is the organization of the medical tourism industry by the Government of India. National strategy and roadmap for medical and wellness tourism (National Strategy & Roadmap for Medical & Wellness Tourism). It also includes Medical Value Travel Facilitators who will provide a platform for private stakeholders to be part of government policy making.

This will largely formalize and recognize health technology platforms like GoMedii, which are working to make health care easy and affordable for people around the world.

To make outpatient care easier, the Government of India is all set to launch this online portal by establishing a board under this strategy, which will make international patient transportation and data management easier. It will act as a one-stop solution for all industrial problems and will emphasize the importance of private stakeholders in facilitating the patient care system.

The benefits include a well-regulated and policy-driven system under government oversight and various patient-oriented services such as quality care, transparent knowledge sharing and other affiliated providers of other affiliated services Medical tourism facilitator (facilitator medical tourism) will be involved.

Modernization of health technology in the medical sector

management of patient data (patient data management) to treatment path and then after treatment (post-treatment), the use of the latest technology end to end solution has made the industry dynamic to provide end-to-end solutions. India is committed to providing services such as post-operative care to most of the international patients.

Covid pandemic health technology (Healthtech) even more concretely. telemedicine (Telemedicine), online pharmacies (Online Pharmacy) and Digi lockers The introduction of DigiLockers has taken healthcare to the next level in the post-pandemic world.

Health technology innovation has led to breakthroughs in the understanding of various diseases and led to the development of surgical methods such as robotic surgery patient care system The patient care system has improved.

The social impact of this is that healthcare with this technology has helped everyone around the world. Improving health technology has now become the responsibility of our facilitators across borders. These reforms have empowered patients and medical travelers.

GoMedii redefines “In-Patient Care”

GoMedii has taken a new initiative to make intramural care even easier. We have simplified the entire treatment process, from pre-treatment hospital and physician discovery and treatment planning, to post-treatment care and in-hospital treatment.

We are at the forefront of the patient treatment value chain and work with all stakeholders of the ecosystem. so far we have covered the world 10000+ international patients treated, now we 25+ countries work in We have built a network of more than 200 hospitals in India promoting the “Heal in India” campaign.

In a comprehensive direction to solve the most important and critical issues in the medical tourism industry, we strive to make medical travel easier at every stage with a holistic, genuine and enhanced healthcare system. Patient-centered care technology (patient-centered care technology) integrate the treatment process.

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