have asthma? This Diwali Follow these tips to keep your festivities high

Diwali, the festival of lights that marks the victory of good over evil, is full of joy, happiness and sweets. People burst into joy from fireworks and salute by sharing sweets in this festival. But the same festival proves to be stressful for people, especially those suffering from asthma and other respiratory ailments. Scientifically speaking, toxic fumes from fireworks raise the level of contaminants measured in ‘micrograms per cubic meter (pm)’ content in the air above permitted limits and may increase the risk of complications for people with respiratory disease.

In addition to fireworks, Diwali is held during a period when farmers also begin to burn the stubble left over from the harvest. Also, due to the festival season and a pack of vacations, people are starting to take vacations and also to their hometowns are making a sharp increase in vehicle traffic on the roads, which also contributes to the pollution level reaching a peak, especially in cities. These factors greatly increase the aggravation of asthma patients.

But Diwali is a celebration for everyone, and even doctors believe that no one should feel excluded from the festivities. So following these health-oriented suggestions can help you have a great and memorable Diwali.

Celebrate a green Diwali at home:

It is clear that fireworks are made of toxic elements such as copper, cadmium, zinc, lead, manganese, etc. and they are dangerous to both the environment and humans. Inhaling these chemicals in the form of smoke has been shown to be really harmful to patients with asthma. The best strategy then is to stay indoors and join the festivities online. Nowadays, facilities such as ordering food and medicines online have become quite easy and this has significantly reduced exposure to polluted environments. People have also started expressing wishes online and holding virtual meetings. So early morning and evening hours should be completely avoided as smoke concentration is usually high during this time.

Cover your face with face mask:

If going outside cannot be avoided, someone with an asthma problem is always advised to cover their mouth with a mask or handkerchief during the Diwali festival. It has been found that PM2.5 levels in the air, when elevated, can cause cardiovascular and respiratory diseases such as lung cancer. Also, the Diwali festival is often associated with people cleaning their house and this causes the dust mites in and around our houses, so to keep asthma sufferers under control, they have to take various measures while they are even at home. So it is advisable that the patients keep away from dust and cover their mouths while cleaning.

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Eat healthy and be hydrated:

You should eat healthy proteins and fats, fruits and vegetables. You should also avoid processed foods and counterfeit sweets, especially during festival season. You should have four balanced, portion-controlled meals that contain protein, carbohydrates, good fats, and fiber. What you eat affects the overall functioning of your body, from boosting immunity to avoiding any type of asthma trigger risk. So it is up to you how you choose a healthy eating plan.

Have your inhaler ready:

In addition to maintaining normal doses of asthma medications, a patient should keep the controller inhaler handy. An inhaler can be very helpful in reducing the risk of an asthma attack.

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If asthma triggers, see a doctor:

have asthma?  This Diwali Follow these tips to keep your festivities high

While it is difficult to find solace in Diwali time, it is possible for an asthma sufferer to celebrate a green Diwali. However, if any discomfort or discomfort is experienced during Diwali, one can consult health care providers for immediate relief and response or visit any hospital of Kailash Group. Therefore, someone with asthma can and should celebrate the festival of light with full force and let the rest be taken care of Kailash hospital,

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