How can hugs help improve a person’s mental health?

Stress and anxiety affect us all from time to time. But did you know that fluffies or hugs can help improve your mental health?

Often we say that soft toys are for children. They love these for their snug, warm and cozy feel. This toy works as a good ‘stress ball’ for them.

Stress is something that never knocks on your door until you arrive and treats everyone in the same ruthless way.

Many psychological problems are rooted in stress. This can eventually lead to more serious complications and can cause anxiety and depression, which can eventually become the reason for a nervous breakdown in a person.

While we know that hugs are not medicine, they have been shown to be great as an organic stress relief remedy. Let’s see how.

It reduces daily stress

Coming home to a gentle hug can eliminate the negative energies of a long, tiring day and turn the room into a therapeutic setting that radiates love and positivity. Hugs can be your trusted and loyal buddy who listens to you when you are feeling down and this is no exaggeration as it has worked effectively for many people.

Amidst the stress and isolation of the COVID 19, many people said their fluff had been there for them. They have kept them company and soothed their loneliness; do you want to know how?

Calms loneliness

As adults, we tend to feel lonely often, especially when we travel to study abroad or when our work requires us to move to a new location.

Some people claim that their hugs have helped them relieve their loneliness. Not only that, but they also consider them their regular companions.

Relieves trauma and grief

Fluffies are considered “comfort objects” for the simple reason that they have the power to ease childhood trauma.

However, therapists use hugs as a remedy to help patients dealing with grief and loss for both children and adults.

Symptoms of separation, dissociation and disorganized attachment can start as early as childhood, which is why having a hug can work wonders in reducing the impact or attack of these mental conditions. It gives a sense of security, offers help and restores disrupted attachment bonds.

Reduces social anxiety

We certainly live in a world where we are all connected to our phones and computers and in a sense are in the spotlight 24×7, which can cause social anxiety.

Believe it or not, stuffed animals can sometimes be better companions than living things when it comes to relieving social anxiety. You don’t have to be ashamed to have a hug for comfort! While people suffering from serious mental illnesses will benefit more from treatment, the furry companions can also be a source of warmth that can help them feel better and heal faster.

Keeps a balanced hormonal level

Last but not least, hugs are great for keeping your hormone levels up. Like cortisol, there are a large number of hormones that regulate the proper functioning of our body. A disruption in quantity can be a big problem. Having a hug can help maintain a person’s mental balance by attracting a more physically and mentally stable environment.

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