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Our spine is made up of bones stacked on top of each other. There are a total of seven bones in our cervical spine from top to bottom. While there are 12 bones in the thoracic spine and five bones in the lumbar spine. This is followed by the sacrum and coccyx at the bottom. Between these bones is a soft pillow-like thing called a disc. These discs prevent bones from rubbing against each other during daily activities such as walking, lifting, and twisting.

The disc protects the bones of the spine from any kind of shock or pressure. Any disc in the spine can prolapse. However, most hernias occur in the lower back. As a rule, the greater the prolapse, the more severe the symptoms. If you have spinal problems click here,

Who has a slip disc problem?

Back pain is common. However, less than 1 in 20 cases of very sharp and sudden back pain may be due to intervertebral disc prolapse. Most cases of back pain are classified as simple back pain. It is believed to be caused by a minor problem with a muscle, ligament, or other structure in the back, such as a pulled muscle. A prolapsed disc takes between 30 and 50 years to develop. In fact, twice as many men suffer from this problem than women.

Treatment for a herniated disc depends on the individual’s problem, such as how much of the disc has slipped. Some commonly used methods are known, such as:

Certain exercises are helpful in reducing the pain of a herniated disc. You can then contact the Mewar Hospital. Our physical therapy instructor will show you some exercises that will help strengthen your lower back and surrounding muscles.

In some cases, doctors may prescribe medications to relieve muscle spasms.

open operation
If the patient does not get relief even after a month of exercising and taking medication, the doctor may resort to surgery depending on the situation. For example, there is an operation called microdiscectomy. Instead of deleting the entire disk, only the damaged portion is deleted. As a result, the person has no difficulty in bending and other tasks and the flexibility of the spinal cord becomes the same as before. Apart from this, some other surgeries such as spinal fusion and laminectomy can also be used to treat a herniated disc.

minimally invasive surgery
This is different from the usual surgery. This can be operated through a small incision. In addition, this type of surgery is considered safe and effective compared to open neck and back surgery.

What are the symptoms of hernia?

If you have pain in the middle of the waist, lower back, or spine, remember that it could be a symptom of a herniated disc. Apart from this, numbness in the area of ​​the thighs and hips, pain when bending or walking, numbness of the toes or feet, weakness in the legs, difficulty in urinating are also counted among the symptoms of a hernia.

Sometimes it also affects the neck, causing pain and a burning sensation in the neck. In addition, there may also be pain in the person’s shoulders and hands or weakness in the muscles of the hands. Some symptoms of a herniated disc can also vary from person to person. But yes, remember that you should not wait long for recovery at such times.

See a doctor if the pain does not go away within a few days. At such times you can also go for a consultation at the Mewar Hospital. Our excellent team will certainly assist you in these situations using our services.

How many types of drag discs are there?

The main types of known slip discs include:

lumbar disc slip
This disc slip occurs in the lower part of the spine and causes pain in the lower back, hip, thigh, leg and toes etc.

cervical disc slip
It occurs in the neck and is one of the leading causes of neck pain. Along with the neck, there is pain in the back of the shoulder bone, arm, hand, and head.

thoracic disc slip
This happens when there is pressure around the center of the spinal cord. This type of hernia causes pain between the shoulders and back. In addition, the pain can sometimes travel through the intervertebral disc site to the hip, leg, arm, neck, and toes.

hospital for slip disc treatment

like you slip disc treatment You can have your treatment done in one of the following hospitals mentioned by us:

  • Sarvodaya Hospital, Mumbai
  • Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre, Chennai
  • MGM Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, Chennai
  • Fortis Hospital, Mumbai
  • CK Birla Hospital, Kolkata
  • Rainbow Hospital, Delhi
  • Apollo Children’s Hospital, Chennai
  • Sitecare Cancer Hospital, Bangalore
  • Black Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi
  • Healthcare Institute of Medical Sciences, Ahmedabad
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Noida
  • Medanta The Medicity, Gurugram
  • Fortis Hospital, Ahmedabad

If you would like to be treated in one of these hospitals, please contact us. Whatsapp (+91 9654030724) or call us (+919599004811) on this number can do.

because of a hernia

  • Lack of physical activity in lifestyle: It can be seen that many people work for hours sitting in the wrong position. These activities can cause a hernia. Lying down or bending over to read, bending over suddenly, lack of physical activity or excessive physical exertion, driving for long hours, injuries from accidents, etc. can also affect the intervertebral discs.
  • obesity: The slip disc problem can also occur when body weight is high.
  • getting old:As we age, discs begin to degenerate. When this happens, the risk of a slip disc increases.
  • injured disc: Lifting heavy objects, falls, injuries, sudden physical movements, or any type of exercise can put pressure on our discs. If this happens, the chance of a slip disc may increase.
  • weightlifting: Sometimes lifting heavy weights can also cause a disc to slip. Try not to lift too much weight while twisting or twisting the body. Otherwise, it may also cause a slip disc.
  • Weakness of muscles: Don’t let your muscles weaken. Weak muscles can also cause a herniated disc.

check slip disc

Some tests are done primarily to find out if you have a hernia or not. as:

  • Physical examination: During this test, the doctor may ask you to walk or run. This is so that your physical condition can be detected during your normal activity.
  • x-ray: In the case of a spinal cord injury, doctors can detect it through X-rays.
  • MRI: This shows whether the disc has moved out of place or not. Or it could be a study of how it affects the nervous system.
  • CT-scan: CT is done if there is an injury to the disc, difference in size or direction. Can be scanned and viewed.
  • Myelogram: This is a test in which a liquid dye is injected into the spinal cord. After it is injected, X-rays are taken and it is determined what kind of pressure is being placed on the spinal cord or nerves.

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