How to prevent a heart attack and know what experts say


For some time now, the death toll from heart attacks has risen. This has not only happened to Bollywood celebrities but also happens to common people. He suddenly has a heart attack. The death of this kind of people is no less than a mystery as Siddharth Shukla, Raju Srivastava, South Indian actor Puneet Rajkumar died of heart attack during a live concert itself. Many people have a heart attack while exercising. Stress, depression, mental health and frequent travel and long hours of work are some of the main factors driving the rate of heart attacks in men over 40. Now the question arises as to why this is happening, so let us know what the experts have to say on the matter.

Heart specialist Dr. Ajay Kaul

Dr Ajay Kaul says that sudden death from heart attack is not mysterious. If you are going to do a heavy gym workout, always keep one thing in mind, if someone has a problem related to the heart, then he should take care of it. Heavy workouts are allowed only be done in the gym after it has been saved. If you go to the gym without a medical examination, you should not do that. The problem of heart attack increases due to wrong diet, proteins, living a stressful day and going to the gym at any time.

The doctor said most people have a period of metabolic disorder. In fact, diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure all three occur in this metabolic disorder and this problem is seen in almost all people. Dr. Kaul said there is no point in doing a normal lab test, everyone should have their body checked properly and under the orders of the doctor.

The doctor said that a three-kilometer walk in thirty minutes is one of the best exercises in the world. After this, no one has to go to the gym anymore. Apart from that, the doctor told that if you want to go to the gym, you should consult a health professional first. called a disease related to the heart Hypertrophy cardiac arrestIf we talk about Covid, it has damaged some vital organs in the body.

Lung Specialist Dr. Rahul Sharma

Now if we talk about those people who suddenly fell while in marriage or in any position and died. Here, Dr. Rahul says that if one dances in a marriage, that is also a kind of practice. Dr. Rahul says that we have taken care of one thing in our body and that body conditioning It is called When a person suddenly does more physical activity than his capacity. When this happens, some people don’t know they have constipation related to lung, heart related problems.

Often all these problems are not known to the pre-check, which increases the risk of heart attack in people. Apart from all these things, obesity is also a major reason for this disease as stress, irregular eating habits and poor lifestyle promote heart attacks. Is this because of bad lungs? If we talk about Covid, then Covid has not only damaged the lungs, but also many other parts of the body.

Due to the weakness of the lungs, other parts of the body are also affected. As if pneumonia in the lungs is one of the most serious problems. Since Covid, the problem of allergy in humans is increasing. There is a long covid syndrome, in such a situation, people believe that if they exercise quickly, they will get well soon, when it is not.

Dr. Vishal said that a walk test is performed if someone can walk 500 meters in six minutes, then that person is healthy. But it is not necessary that he can do heavy workouts. You should start the exercise slowly. In addition, you do not have to ignore any form of symptoms during exercise. For example, if someone suddenly feels like fainting, blood pressure starts to rise, chest pain, central obesity, snoring problem, sleeping for hours during the day, then all these problems should not be ignored. If a person sees such symptoms, he should immediately consult a doctor. as your doctor Rahul Sharma If you want to consult online from click here,

General practitioner dr. Vishal Shukla

If we talk about Kovid, is it also the reason for heart attack, like getting vaccinated or getting vaccinated at the wrong time, because of this there can also be heart problems? Dr. So, Vishal says people working from home has impacted their lifestyles the most since the time of Kovid. Especially people who do sedentary work pay no attention to their health. There are still many people who don’t get their health check done on time and even if they do, they get normal tests that fail to detect the disease related to their lungs and heart, both of which are very important parts of our body.

If a person has a family history of heart disease, it is possible that that person will also develop heart disease in the near future. If we check these parts of the body like ECG, TMT, X-rays, etc. as a normal test, then we can learn more about future diseases. The same if we talk about Bollywood celebrities then their whole routine is different from the common people, when we sleep they are continuously awake at work which starts to increase the stress, in addition pollution also affects the lungs . And inside it takes the form of a serious disease in the lungs and people are not aware of the disease.

If someone has a problem related to BP and those people are taking medication themselves, this is the biggest mistake, it shouldn’t be happening at all. The doctor said there are many people who self medication If we do this, it can cause many other more serious problems in the body. Self-medication should be stopped.

Physiotherapist Dr. Menika

Physiotherapist dr. Menika said that going to the gym and working out or working out in the gym is necessary for our body, but over-exercising can be harmful to us. When a person exercises beyond his limit or in the wrong way, it can be dangerous for him. Some people go to the gym and do heavy workouts from the next day, despite hunger or prolonged illness, which prevents our body from fully resting. This puts more pressure on our heart and people go into cardiac arrest.

On the other hand, Dr. Menika that when you go to the gym, you warm up first and only then other workouts in the gym, which puts your body in a bit of an active mode and puts you at risk for heart-related problems. In addition, it is also necessary to take some rest after exercising. If you do not rest, there is a risk of micro-injuries in the body.

What Are the Symptoms of a Heart Problem?

  • chestpain

  • feeling sick

  • don’t understand something
  • shortness of breath or rapid breathing

All these symptoms should not be ignored at all, it means if you are doing such an activity that increases the pressure on your lungs and heart. In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor. If you have a problem related to the heart and you want to ask a question related to the disease click here,

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