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Autism is referred to as an autism spectrum disorder in medical language. It is a developmental disorder that causes problems with communication, reading and writing, and social interaction. This is a condition in which one person’s brain works differently than other people’s brains.At the same time, people with autism also differ from each other.

That is, different patients with autism may feel different symptoms., Autism is a developmental disorder that causes problems throughout life. But by reducing the symptoms of autism, the patient can be cured to some extent. If autism is treated in time, the patient’s condition gradually begins to improve. autism with proper treatment (Autism best treatment in India) People who suffer from it can lead a better life.

However, not much information has been received about this disease yet. While people with this disease are able to hold down a job, interact with family and friends, they sometimes need help from others. While some autistic people have difficulty reading and writing, Some people with autism can read and write I am either very sharp or normal.

With the help of family, teachers or friends, these people can learn new skills and work without any support. Some studies have shown that early access to diagnosis and intervention treatment services can help autistic people learn social behaviors and new skills, leading to a better life for the patient. If you want to be treated for autism click here,

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What is Autism?

Autism or autism spectrum disorder is a form of mental disorder. The symptoms appear in the first years of life. The person suffering from it struggles with social, communication and behavioral problems. It is a type of neurodevelopmental disorder that increases with age, so it is very important to treat it in time.

How many types of autism are there?

There are three types of autism:

Autistic Disorder: Individuals with an autistic disorder may have an intellectual disability. Such individuals may have problems talking to others and engaging in social behavior. There is also a change in their behavior and interest.

Asperger’s Syndrome: In this, the symptoms of autism are not clearly visible as in an autism disorder. In this type of autism, the person suffering from it may have a lack of interest and they may also have problems maintaining social competence. Language and intellectual disabilities do not occur in this type as in autistic disorder.

Pervasive Developmental Disorders: This type is also called atypical autism. Some of the symptoms of this type of autism may be similar to those of an autistic disorder. While not all symptoms are the same, there may be problems with communication and social behavior.

because of autism

The exact cause of autism is not yet known, but it may be hereditary. It can be due to both genetic and environmental reasons. Problems that can cause autism can include the following:

Complications during pregnancy: Viral infections, bleeding, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, or lack of oxygen in the uterus during pregnancy can all lead to autism.

  • Wearing time: becoming a mother at age 34 or older.
  • Pregnancy Related Medications: During pregnancy, a drug overdose can increase the risk of autism by 48 percent.
  • Mental health of pregnant: If a pregnant woman suffers or has ever suffered from schizophrenia, depression and anxiety, there may be an increased risk of autism in the child.
  • Family environment: The social, economic and psychological circumstances of the family influence autism.

symptoms of autism

Symptoms usually appear at 12-18 months of age (or even earlier) and can range from mild to severe. These problems can last a lifetime. When newborns are victims of autism, they do not show the following signs of development:

  • point to something
  • smile or respond to mother’s voice
  • walk on hands
  • not making eye contact or not making eye contact

symptoms in children with autism

  • avoid social interaction with other children
  • Stay alone
  • no interest in sports
  • sitting alone or quietly in one place for hours on end, concentrating on one thing or doing the same thing over and over
  • no contact with others
  • repeat every word the other person says during a conversation
  • be busy with something
  • self-harm or self-harm
  • do something continuously, such as clapping
  • repeating the same sentence over and over
  • not understanding the feelings of others
  • not understanding the likes and dislikes of others
  • have strange reactions to certain sounds, tastes and smells

diagnosis autism

Currently, there is no specific test to diagnose or diagnose autism. Parents are usually asked to pay attention to the child’s behavior and development. So it helps to detect the disorder. The patient’s ability to see, hear, speak and motor coordination is assessed by the experts. If a child shows the following types of symptoms, he is considered to have autism:

doing the same thing or activity over and over again

difficulty talking or interacting with people in different social situations

Autism is usually diagnosed in children around 2 years of age. However, in some children, these symptoms do not appear early. Therefore, a child is considered autistic when they start school or become a teenager.

How is autism treated?

However, there is some evidence in studies that interventional treatments for early childhood can help autistic children learn important skills such as reading and writing. This includes educational programs and behavior therapy, as well as skills-based training sessions that help children learn speech, social behavior, and positive behaviors.

Since the symptoms of autism vary from person to person, individualized treatment may yield the best results. Medications are not effective in treating the core symptoms of autism. But they can help manage the restlessness, depression, and eccentric and obsessive behaviors that are common in people with autism. Treatment for autism depends on the type. Options include:

  • Educational therapies
  • Behavioral and communication therapies
  • Family therapies
  • Other therapies

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