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Brain tumor is a very deadly and deadly disease which if not treated in time can even lead to the death of that person. The real reasons for the appearance of a brain tumor are not yet well known, but as soon as the symptoms appear, you should immediately contact the doctor.

You can also contact us for this, we provide the right treatment. If you want to consult a doctor, we will Will also consult a good doctor, Many people consider a brain tumor to be small. But it’s not like a brain tumor has a bad effect on your whole body. If you want to know what the treatment of a brain tumor costs, we will tell you that too.

Brain tumor refers to the condition where abnormal cells start to develop in a person’s brain. The skull around the brain is very hard, making any growth in it a problem. How many types of brain tumors are there? Tumors that originate in the brain are called primary tumors, and tumors that form in other parts of the body and then spread to the brain are called secondary or metastatic tumors.

What Are the Signs of a Brain Tumor You Should Know? (Signs Of Brain Tumors You Should Know In Hindi)

Many children with brain tumors experience headaches prior to their diagnosis. But many kids get headaches and most don’t have a brain tumor. Sometimes this headache gets worse in the morning.

  • vomiting and nausea

Nausea and vomiting are two common symptoms of many diseases. In rare cases, however, these symptoms may be caused by a brain tumor that causes a lot of pressure in the brain.

A good night’s sleep usually cures many diseases. But if you don’t sleep well, it can also cause brain tumor along with many other diseases.

  • changes in vision, hearing, or speech

The patient’s discomfort depends on the location of the tumor. This can sometimes cause vision, hearing and speech problems. This suddenly happens to many people.

  • change of personality

Personality changes can be a perfectly normal (if frustrating) part of parenting. In rare cases, they can be caused by a brain tumor affecting the cerebral cortex.

  • enlargement of the head

An increase in head size can also be a sign of a brain tumor. Because these bones are still soft, a brain tumor can cause their heads to grow abnormally. You see this more in children. If you notice a bulge or other serious change in the shape of the head on one side, you should see a doctor immediately. We can help you in this.

The cost of brain tumor treatment is very high in many places, but if you want to undergo brain tumor treatment, we will treat you at a low cost.

How many types of brain tumors are there? (What are the Types of Brain Tumors in Hindi)

Brain tumors are classified by the type of cells involved and where they form. Different types of cancerous brain tumors and noncancerous brain tumors include:

  • Acoustic neuroma: This type of tumor occurs on the vestibular nerve (the nerve that runs from the inner ear to the brain).
  • Gangliocytomas: These brain tumors form in nerve cells (neurons).
  • Pinocytomas: These are slow-growing brain tumors that form in the pineal gland (a gland in the brain responsible for secreting the hormone melatonin).
  • meningioma: This is the most common type of brain tumor. These types of tumors develop very slowly. They develop in the meninges (layers of tissue that protect the brain and spinal cord, or spinal cord). In some cases, a meningioma can become cancerous.
  • chordoma: These tumors grow slowly and usually start at the base of the skull and in the lower part of the spine.
  • Pituitary adenomas: These brain tumors are very small and form in the pituitary gland (located at the base of the brain and responsible for making and regulating various hormones in the body).

Best hospital for brain tumor treatment? (Best Hospital for Brain Tumor Treatment in Hindi)

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brain tumor treatment


This is the most common treatment for malignant brain tumors. The surgeon removes as many cancer cells as possible without damaging healthy brain tissue. Bleeding and infection are 2 possible side effects of surgery. Benign brain tumors can also be surgically removed.

minimally invasive surgery

For this brain tumor surgery, neurosurgeons use minimally invasive techniques to remove cancer cells. This technique shortens the length of your hospital stay and the time it takes to recover.

radiation therapy

Treatment for this type of brain tumor uses radiation such as X-rays or proton beams to kill tumor cells. This can be done by external beam radiation, where you sit in front of a machine and wear protective coveralls so that only the tumor area is exposed.

This therapy can also be done through brachytherapy – a device placed in your body near a brain tumor that is irradiated to kill tumor cells. Side effects of this therapy include fatigue, memory loss, headache, and scalp irritation.


In this, drugs are injected or taken orally into the body and target and kill tumor cells. Chemotherapy causes side effects such as hair loss, vomiting, nausea and fatigue.

targeted drug therapy

Some types of brain tumors are treated with drugs that target specific abnormalities in tumor cells by blocking them. It kills cancer cells.


Similar to surgery, this treatment focuses multiple beams of radiation at the brain tumor to kill tumor cells. Various techniques such as linear accelerator and gamma knife are used to treat brain tumors with radiation.

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