Know what Ayushman Bharat Health ID card is, how to apply for it


Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. During this, he said this is being done to bring about changes in health facilities around ABDM. As part of this digital mission, people receive a unique digital health card, on which their complete health file is recorded. All data about your illness and treatment are recorded on this digital care card. That is, it makes it easy to find out the medical history of each patient.

Health ID under NDHM is free and voluntary by the National Government. In fact, according to the government, the analysis of health data will lead to a better plan (PM Digital Health Map 2022) budget for states and health programs and their proper implementation. After this is done, the citizens of the country are just a click away from accessing their health facilities.

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Under the Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) you will be given a 14 digit unique number like the one on the Aadhaar card and this will identify the person as a kind of health identity. This makes it easier to keep citizens’ health records safe and allows health data to be stored in one form. If this happens, you can easily check your complete health data at any time.

Let us tell you that digital health card allows you to store your health records online, it allows any patient to go to any hospital for treatment so they don’t have to travel everywhere with their health check reports. Apart from this, there is no fear of losing important documents.

Know how the Digital Health ID is created and what documents are provided

If you want to apply for a digital health insurance card, it’s very simple. You must visit the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) website But one has to apply online by providing name, gender, age, mobile number and Aadhaar number. You can also download your healthcare card immediately by logging in after registration.

  • Step 2: Click on the Create your health ID option here.
  • Step 3: After entering the new page, you will see many options like Generate from Aadhaar card, Don’t have aadhaar id/I don’t want to use aadhaar for creating health id and Already have health id options appearing here For your convenience. choose an option accordingly. If you click on Generate via Aadhaar card, it will be easy for you.
  • Step 4: If you have an Aadhaar card and you want to make it a health id then click Generate from Aadhaar and if you don’t have an Aadhaar card or you don’t want to make a health id from Aadhaar then don’t have an aadhaar id/ Don’ Click on the link to use aadhaar to create health ID.
  • Step-5: Now in this step enter your Aadhaar number or mobile, tick (✔) I agree and Verify Captcha and click on submit button.
  • Step-6: After the fifth step, an OTP will come to the person’s Aadhaar registered mobile number, it is for verification only.
  • Step-7: After Aadhaar verification, registration should be completed by entering your PHR address/username, name, gender, age, profile picture and other necessary details here.
  • Step-8: After entering the OTP, a form will open on your screen. Fill in the requested information and submit it.
  • Step-9: Your Health ID will be generated once you have submitted all information.

If you want to create a Digital Health ID, click this link,

What are the advantages of the digital health card?

A digital health ID card is generated using a person’s basic health data and a mobile number or Aadhaar number. Health ID Card (Digital Health ID Card) Personal health records can be linked and viewed using mobile applications, Healthcare Professionals Registry (HPR) and Healthcare Facility Registries (HFR).

In which the cardholder’s complete medical record such as medical records, test reports, doctor’s appointments, diagnoses and medications are recorded. This makes teleconsultation, telemedicine and digital treatment facilities simple and effective.

With the help of this health card, doctors can see the complete medical history of each patient before treating him, which will make treatment easier. Apart from this, the beneficiaries can benefit from all the health schemes offered by the Government of India.

Do you have to register to get a health card?

If you want to create another digital health card, you need to register for it by visiting the official website through an online medium through your mobile and computer. Apart from this, if you want, you can also download the ABDM Health Record app on your mobile. To generate a health card, you need basic information to fill and verify your mobile number and aadhaar card.

How many Ayushman Bharat Health ID cards have been made so far?

Let us tell you that 219 crore Ayushman Bharat Health Account IDs have been created so far under Ayushman Bharat Digital Health Mission. Minister of Health Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya gave this information on May 15, 2022. There are 53341 healthcare institutions registered under this scheme. Apart from this, more than 11677 citizens are registered associated with the healthcare profession. This regulation is bringing about a change in the healthcare sector and changing the lives of all citizens. Within this scheme, the focus is on fully digitizing the health department.

The main goal of Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission is to support and develop an integrated digital health infrastructure of the country. More than 40 digital health services are covered by this scheme. Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission will prove effective in providing instant benefits to citizens living far away. Apart from this, other facilities from doctors to citizens will also be offered through an online medium.

How can you view your health record?

All cardholder health related information is available on the NDHM Health Records App. You can download this Personal Health Viewer app from Google Play Store and App Store or You can also view your health file by logging in.

Here are the benefits of getting a health card?

You will get many benefits through Digital Health ID Card, know:

  • Applicants can link each personal health record to their Health ID. After that, your health data will be recorded forever.
  • If you go elsewhere for your treatment, you don’t need to keep your old prescriptions and reports. All this information will be available on your health card.
  • If a citizen is admitted to hospital, he can access his digital health file at any time during this period.
  • Through the Health ID card, patients can identify and reach verified doctors across the country.
  • If citizens want, they can have a digital health ID made before the birth of the child.
  • Applicant can also add a nominee to access the Health ID. Nominees can be helpful in viewing and managing your personal medical records.

Are your personal medical records safe?

Actually, NHA says that ABDM does not store a beneficiary’s health records. This record is stored with the healthcare providers according to their “retention policy” and is only shared with the encryption mechanism on the ABDM network after consent of the beneficiary. The national government says that no citizen’s data is shared with another company.

In addition, a separate team will be formed to prevent cybercrime, which will work to keep this data safe. Your data will only be shown to the doctor, and only once after you have granted access, you will have to give the doctor access again a second time to see the records.

Who is covered under Ayushman Bharat Yojana Rural?

  • Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribal Families
  • Households without a male member between the ages of 16 and 59
  • homeless
  • Households without a person between the ages of 16 and 59
  • a household with a disabled person
  • landless family
  • tribal community
  • forced labour
  • families living in one-bedroom houses

How many numbers are on the Health ID card?

The digital health ID card consists of 14 digits.

What is the Zorgpas used for?

This health card is used to verify your identity and to allow multiple systems and stakeholders to access your health records with your consent.

How can we have our Health ID card made?

If you want to have your healthcare card made, you must register for this on the portal. Apart from this, you can also download Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission health record application on your mobile phone.

Is it necessary to have an Aadhaar card to get a health ID card?

No, if you don’t have Aadhaar, you can use your mobile number instead of Aadhaar.

Is any data related to our health stored by Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission?

Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) does not store a beneficiary’s medical records, but the records are kept with the healthcare providers according to their “retention policy”.

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