Play a safe and health-friendly Holi with colors and happiness

Play a safe and health-friendly Holi with colors and happiness |  Kailash Hospital, Noida

Holi, an annually celebrated ‘festival of colors’ celebrated on March 17 and 18 this year in India and around the world. Since Holi only lasts for a few days, we must all have started preparing for the festival by stocking up on colors and water balloons. To keep your Holi celebration healthy, here are some of the safety tips Kailash hospital ,

The Holi festival comes as we pull ourselves out of the third wave of the COVID-19 and prepare for economic and geopolitical swings. The pandemic has presented us with several humanitarian challenges, but it has also taught us some healthy lessons. In addition to India, the spring season has begun, which indicates weather changes that make many of us fear catching viral fevers and colds. In the midst of festivities, many of us forget the precautions we should keep in mind. So we have to be more careful about our health, taking into account that viral diseases remain unseen. Furthermore, it is our responsibility to raise awareness of the environmental impact of celebrating Holi and encourage people to celebrate it in a health-friendly way.

know What to avoid this holiday

  • Non-organic fuel material (plastics and inner tubes) during Holika fire
  • Use of chemically toxic colors and powders
  • Use of excessive water and muddy water
  • Using sprays and balloons
  • Consuming sugar and other dietary products in access
  • Eye exposure to chemicals
  • The use of chemical colors after skin treatment

During Holi celebrations, colors are scattered on top of each other, but over time, throwing chemical colors has become a feature that carries various risks to our health, especially to the eyes, skin, and respiratory system. Modern versions of colors, especially powder colors and impure water, not only cause skin problems, but also affect vision if allowed through. The use of potentially toxic powders also causes respiratory problems. So to face these challenges, everyone should develop the habit of playing a safe and health-friendly Holi with natural colors and cheerfulness.

What kind of unique can you do?

Before playing Holi, we can smear almond oil on the whole body, including face and neck. This acts as a barrier layer on our skin and helps to reduce the harmful effect of toxic colors on our skin. Furthermore, the oil can also be used on hair from the lengths to the roots. Tying hair back into a bun is also helpful in reducing the amount of contact with color. A broad spectrum & preferably feasible sunscreen can also be used on the skin. For lip protection we can use petroleum based balm and dark nail polish can be preferred for nails. In addition, wearing long sleeves and dark clothing made of cotton or linen is also recommended to avoid exposure to chemicals on the skin.

After playing Holi, we have to use gentle and foaming washing machines along with detergent based soap to remove color from clothes. Taking a bath and re-hydrating our skin are also important. For extensive redness, itching and burning of the skin, you can contact a Dermatologist at Kailash Hospital.

Play a safe and health-friendly Holi with colors and happiness |  Kailash Hospital, Noida

Make this Holi colorful & Health Friendly:

To celebrate Holi in an eco-friendly way, you can make your own herbal colors, make Pichkari from used plastic bottles, and avoid overusing water. Natural colors are traditionally made from Neem, Kumkum, Haldi, Mehndi, Bilva and other medicinal herbs prescribed by Ayurvedic experts.

Herbal colors are found to be mixed with the soil and water; they do not contain any toxic substance, so it does not harm the countless life that lives in water and soil. Apart from this, herbal colors do not cause irritation, skin allergy, respiratory problems or any other kind of health problem. In addition, to avoid any type of dangerous effect on the skin, doctors have suggested to use natural or herbal Gulal over the chemically toxic powder.

Herbal colors an alternative to chemical powders,

  • Mix turmeric powder with gram flour for a nice yellow color.
  • For an orange-red paste, dry Henna (Mehndi) leaves, crush them into powder. Then mixed with water it can be used as another natural color.
  • Boil dried fruits of Amla in iron vessels and leave overnight. Then dilute them with water and use them as light green colors.

Wishing you a health-friendly Holi!

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