Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency and how to prevent it


People with a vitamin D deficiency can increase this by sitting at home, for which they should receive some sunlight every day. Vitamin D deficiency symptoms are discovered when there is increased pain in your joints and you also have difficulty performing everyday tasks.

Let’s tell you that metabolic syndrome is a group of symptoms that can increase your risk of diabetes and heart disease. A new study on this shows that a lack of vitamin D can cause many diseases in the body. One of them is breast cancer.

Vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of breast cancer in women. In this breast cancer study, it was revealed that in addition to vitamin D deficiency, obesity also increases the risk of breast cancer. At the same time, this study also found that the level of vitamin D in the body works together with a low BMI to protect women against breast cancer.

Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency

dry skin

When your skin becomes very dry, it means that you have symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in your body.

fatigue and weakness

If you start to feel very tired and weak after work, then this is also due to vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is much needed to provide energy to the body.

Hair loss

When one’s hair falls out very quickly, it is also due to vitamin D deficiency. While there are many people who ignore it as an afterthought.

being tense

Vitamin D deficiency is most common in women. Because she gets stressed very quickly and also feels depressed because of this.

Joint pain

In the past, this problem was more common among the elderly, but in the present time, the young are also prey to it. This causes them pain in the joints.

swelling of the body

The simplest way to understand the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency is that when your body’s wound heals at a very slow rate or apart, the swelling in your body increases, it is also due to the deficiency.

Vitamin D rich diet

We have told you about the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, now we are also going to tell you how to prevent it. To remedy the deficiency of vitamin D in your body, you need to get sunlight on a daily basis, as the sun’s rays contain vitamin D, which helps in the formation of red blood cells in your body. In addition, you can also include things rich in vitamin D in food:


Vitamin D and calcium are abundant in milk, give it to children daily. If you want, you can also consume it by adding cream to milk.


If there is a deficiency of vitamin D in the body, then you should consume carrots as it contains a lot of vitamin D.


If you eat eggs, there will never be a deficiency of vitamin D in your body. Let us tell you that vitamin D is found in the white part of the egg, which removes weakness and fatigue in the body.


Oranges, being such a delicious fruit, are also rich in vitamin D. If you want, you can consume it even after extracting the juice. Apart from this, if you eat non-vegetarian you can consume oily fish. Like tuna, mackerel, salmon, it also contains vitamin D in abundance.

If your body shows symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, you can consult our doctor about this and also take vitamin D tablets. But do not use such a pill without the doctor’s advice.

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