Treatment of cerebral hemorrhages in India


Many of us know that the brain is an important part of our body. If there is a small problem in it, it can affect the whole body. In such a situation, it is very important to keep the mind safe. There are many kinds of problems in the mind. Brain hemorrhage also falls under these problems. Brain hemorrhage is also called mental attack or stroke. What Are the Causes of Brain Hemorrhage? Today in this article we will know about cerebral hemorrhage in detail. If you have a problem related to the brain and want to see a doctor click here,

What is Brain Hemorrhage?

Cerebral hemorrhage is a condition caused by the bursting of an artery (a tube that carries blood from the heart to other parts of the body). In this condition, bleeding begins in the surrounding tissues. In this condition, brain cells are destroyed by bleeding. It can also damage many parts of the brain. In simple terms, the bursting of a vein in the brain is called cerebral hemorrhage.

Patients with bleeding in the brain should be monitored very closely. The first treatment consists of stabilizing blood pressure and breathing. A breathing support machine (ventilation device) may be needed to ensure adequate oxygen supply to the brain and other organs. Intravenous access is necessary so that fluids and medications can be given to the patient, especially if the person is unconscious. Sometimes special monitoring of the heart rhythm, the oxygen level in the blood or the pressure in the skull is needed.

After a person is stable, it is determined how to manage the bleeding. This stabilization and decision-making process is very fast. The decision to have surgery is based on the size and location of the bleeding. Not everyone with an intracranial hemorrhage needs surgery.

Several medications can be used to reduce swelling around the area of ​​bleeding, helping to keep blood pressure at an optimal level. If the patient is awake, pain medication may be required.

due to cerebral hemorrhage

  • inflammation of the arteries

  • have an accident
  • illegal drug use
  • high blood pressure problem

  • decrease in blood circulation in the arteries
  • Many other problems related to blood can also cause this.

What can be the causes of cerebral hemorrhage?

Prominent among these are entanglement of blood vessels, bleeding, head injury and blood thinning, drug use, eating more medicines or drinking alcohol increases the risk of cerebral hemorrhage. Some types of brain hemorrhages are caused by the bursting of the bulge on the head. The effect of a cerebral hemorrhage depends on the severity, the swelling in the skull and the delay in treatment. Some people are able to get out of the effect, while some people’s minds are spoiled forever. In a cerebral hemorrhage, the hemorrhage replaces the normal blood supply to the brain. Causing paralysis, heart attack or other serious illnesses. This disease can be both temporary and permanent. That means the disease can be cured or not.

How do doctors diagnose cerebral hemorrhage?

If you suspect a stroke, you should contact your doctor immediately. The doctor may suggest some tests to check. Radiological tests are usually needed, such as a computed tomography (CT) scan or an MRI scan.

CT or MRI can highlight the different features and locations of bleeding in the brain. If bleeding is found in or around the brain, further tests may be ordered to determine the cause of the bleeding. This additional test can help determine if any abnormal blood vessels are present, as well as the next step in diagnosis or treatment. In some cases, an epidural (lumbar puncture) may be needed to confirm signs of bleeding or rule out other brain problems.

cerebral hemorrhage treatment

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What are the ways to prevent cerebral hemorrhage?

In more mild cases, cerebral hemorrhage is caused by a head injury. That is why it is important that you protect your head well. This precaution is even more important in infants because their heads are not yet developed and are more prone to injury. Keep these things in mind to prevent brain hemorrhage, such as:

  • Always use the seat belt in the car
  • Avoid excessive and unnecessary use of drugs
  • stay away from cigarettes and alcohol
  • don’t worry too much

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