What are the reasons behind tummy lumps? Know the symptoms and ways to avoid it

to the lump in the stomach colon cancer Or also known as stomach cancer. In this situation, there is a bulge in the stomach or there is swelling in the stomach, these are the first symptoms of the lump. This makes the part affected by the tummy tuck appear to protrude. There can be many reasons for the lump in the abdomen. This includes problems such as lipoma, hernia, and hematoma. Abdominal lump is of two types, it can be both soft and hard. Some people are in pain because of this. While some do not see symptoms such as a lump in the stomach.

It is said that depending on the cause, the symptoms of a lump in the abdomen appear. If someone has a hernia complaint and therefore has a nodule in the stomach, pain can be felt in the nodule. If it is due to a lipoma, the pain will be felt less. Apart from this, there are also many other symptoms in the disease. If someone has a lump in the stomach, they may become constipated, lose weight, or have symptoms such as bloody stools.

What are the symptoms of a lump in the stomach?

so let’s go now symptoms of colon cancer Let’s know about-

  • stomach ache
  • flatulence
  • burning sensation around the lump
  • change in appetite
  • Nausea
  • vomit
  • chestpain
  • be hidden
  • have difficulty with bowel movements
  • feeling of pressure in the stomach
  • pain when bearing weight
  • little urination
  • or frequent urination
  • have jaundice
  • get a fever

When all these symptoms appear, the doctor should be contacted immediately.symptoms of stomach cancer, So that the patient can be cured in time. symptoms of colon cancer and signs of colon cancer Often they are not visible at all, while in some cases it also happens when the patient sees these symptoms in himself, but ignores them.

How does a tumor form in the stomach,

Many reasons can be responsible for the lump in the stomach. So let’s know now.

Hernia If the lump is located on the upper part of the abdomen, the patient may complain of a hernia.

gallstone- Abdominal nodules can also occur due to gallstones. The gallbladder begins to come out through the stone. For this reason, nodules appear.

Himomota This can also cause an abdominal lump. In this condition, blood begins to pool on the inside of the skin. This causes the blood vessels to begin to break. A knob-like bulge can be felt further on.

lipoma A lump caused by fat in the abdomen is called a lipoma. When excess fat accumulates in the abdomen, it takes the form of a lump. Some people confuse it with cancer. While lipoma cancer is not stomach cancer. It is also said that due to the enlargement of the liver, there may be a problem with a lump in the stomach.

cancer- This can also be the cause of a lump in the abdomen. This can be colon, liver, kidney and colon cancer.

cron- It is also referred to as inflammatory bowel disease, where the inflammation starts on the lining of the digestive system. This creates a bulge in the stomach. Apart from this, some other diseases such as ovarian abscess can also cause a lump in the stomach.

Can ulcers lead to cancer,

The risk of cancer from a peptic ulcer is much smaller. According to the information, whatever fear there is, it is due to an ulcer. Sometimes it seems that cancer is causing the ulcer.

What Are the Treatments for Colon Cancer?

surgery- Now let’s look at the treatment of stomach cancer. When there is a hernia, cancer or a problem in the intestines, a doctor should be consulted. The doctor may recommend surgery. In which a surgical procedure called laparoscopy is used.

Chemotherapy This reduces the size of the nodule. When the size of the nodule becomes small, the chemotherapy is stopped. After this, the nodule is surgically removed from the body.

Stomach tumor surgery?

to remove a tumor in the abdomen abdominal tumor surgery is also done. This process is known to be very complex. But there is nothing for it but surgery. In this case, doctors often recommend surgery. Surgery is also no small feat, but it can also be deadly. Thus, the patient is psychologically prepared in advance. He is reassured and assured that everything will be fine. The team of doctors is prepared based on the size of the tumor. In which doctors from different departments are included.

There are many reasons for stomach cancer. Therefore, to avoid this, early signs and symptoms of colon cancer should know. After which a doctor is consulted. If the disease is detected early, it can be cured with medication, but if it is late and detected later, surgery may need to be performed. This operation is also not easy, but it also proves fatal.

Dr. Kaushal Yadav | Senior Consultant & Clinical Head Oncology, Surgical Oncology | Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Gurugram

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