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We all know well how important blood and bone marrow are for our physical development. But often such situations arise due to which a person faces blood-related and bone marrow-related diseases. Aplastic anemia is a disease related to the bone marrow.

Damages stem cells in the bone marrow. Bone marrow cells are responsible for making red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets, which are vital to human health. But during this time, the production of all these products begins to be more or less proportional to the need. In this condition, the patient feels very tired and there is a risk of infection and uncontrolled bleeding. Aplastic anemia is also known as hypoplastic anemia and bone marrow failure.

Know the symptoms of aplastic anemia

Usually there are no visible symptoms of aplastic anemia. But there are symptoms of aplastic which are as follows:

  • be more tired
  • shortness of breath
  • fast or irregular heartbeat
  • yellowing of the skin
  • frequent or prolonged infections
  • nose bleeding
  • bleeding gums
  • prolonged bleeding
  • skin rash
  • dizziness due to weakness
  • frequent headaches

Treatment for aplastic anemia, which depends on the severity of your condition and your age, may include observation, blood transfusions, medications, or a bone marrow transplant. Severe aplastic anemia, where your blood cell count is extremely low, is life-threatening and requires immediate hospitalization.

  • blood transfusions: While there is no cure for aplastic anemia, blood transfusions can control bleeding and relieve symptoms by supplying blood cells that your bone marrow does not produce. During this time, you may receive the following treatments:
  1. Red blood cell: They increase the number of red blood cells and help to overcome anemia and fatigue.
  2. Platelets Platelets: This helps stop excessive bleeding.
  • Stem cell transplant:A stem cell transplant to rebuild the bone marrow using stem cells from a donor may be the only successful treatment option for people with severe aplastic anemia. Stem cell transplant, also called bone marrow transplant, is usually the treatment of choice for people who are younger and have a matching donor. Often father or brother. If a donor is found, your diseased bone marrow is first destroyed with radiation or chemotherapy. The donor’s healthy stem cells are filtered out of the blood. Healthy stem cells are injected intravenously into your bloodstream, where they enter bone marrow cavities and begin to make new blood cells.
  • Immunosuppressants: For people who cannot have a bone marrow transplant or whose aplastic anemia is caused by an autoimmune disease, treatment may include drugs that alter or suppress the immune system (immunosuppressants).

Some medicines are given after a bone marrow transplant so that the production of new cells can start more quickly. Aplastic anemia begins to be cured by cell formation.

When there is a weakness in the body’s immunity, many types of diseases begin to take hold and the risk of aplastic anemia increases. So the doctor first improves the immunity and gives a dose of antibiotic to prevent the infection.

Hospital for aplastic anemia

like you treatment of aplastic anemia You can have your treatment done in one of the following hospitals mentioned by us:

  • Sarvodaya Hospital, Mumbai
  • Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre, Chennai
  • MGM Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, Chennai
  • Fortis Hospital, Mumbai
  • CK Birla Hospital, Kolkata
  • Rainbow Hospital, Delhi
  • Apollo Children’s Hospital, Chennai
  • Sitecare Cancer Hospital, Bangalore
  • Black Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi
  • Healthcare Institute of Medical Sciences, Ahmedabad
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Noida
  • Medanta The Medicity, Gurugram
  • Fortis Hospital, Ahmedabad

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What Are Causes of Aplastic Anemia?

have a viral infection

A viral infection that affects the bone marrow can also be a cause of aplastic anemia. These viruses also include Hepatitis B, HIV, Epstein-Barr, Cytomegalovirus, Parvovirus B19.

radiotherapy and chemotherapy

These treatments, used to treat cancer, sometimes kill healthy cells in the bone marrow along with cancer cells.

hormonal imbalance

The hormonal changes that occur in women during pregnancy can cause the immune system to damage the bone marrow. Due to all these reasons, the production of new blood in the body stops and treatment is required.

exposure to toxic chemicals

Sometimes toxic chemicals such as poisonous insecticides or components used in insecticides etc. also become the cause. In such a situation, it is very important to avoid coming into contact with such things again and again.

frequent use of certain medications

This problem can also arise from the continuous use of some medications. For example, rheumatoid arthritis and the use of certain antibiotics can also lead to aplastic anemia.

Viral infection is also the reason

A viral infection that affects the bone marrow can also be a cause of aplastic anemia. These viruses also include Hepatitis B, HIV, Epstein-Barr, Cytomegalovirus, Parvovirus B19.

autoimmune disease

In this, your own immune system often attacks healthy cells and begins to slowly kill them. It also starts destroying the cells in the bone marrow, which is a condition.

Test for aplastic anemia?

Aplastic anemia is a serious condition that requires early diagnosis. To diagnose aplastic anemia, a doctor examines the bone marrow and blood cells under a microscope.

In addition to blood tests, bone marrow aspiration and, in some cases, a biopsy may also be performed. However, during this examination, a piece of bone marrow is removed from the hip bone with a special needle under local anesthesia. The doctor will check your blood cell counts, including white blood cells known as neutrophils, cells known as platelets, and young red blood cells known as reticulocytes.

The doctor may also study kidney function or order other related tests. HLA typing, a laboratory blood test, is usually performed to ensure that patients receive immune system-compatible blood and bone marrow products during treatment. The doctor checks the blood cell count, including known white blood cells. also contains.

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