When should IUI be done? (When to do IUI in Hindi)


Intrauterine insemination, commonly known as IUI, is a common fertility treatment in which the male partner’s sperm is transferred directly into the female partner’s uterus. IUI is one of the best and viable fertility treatment options for couples who want a baby and have struggled to conceive in recent years.

In fact, IUI is considered as effective as IVF for many infertility conditions, but the treatment is relatively much cheaper and less invasive than IVF. This is why most women/couples consider IUI before proceeding with IVF and other expensive fertility treatments. IUI is also known as alternative insemination, artificial insemination or donor insemination.

What are the chances of IUI being successful? (What is the probability of IUI being successful)

The success rate of a woman getting pregnant through IUI depends on several factors, including the woman’s age, serious undiagnosed fertility problems, and medications. The success rate of IUI varies from woman to woman. However, on average, a woman under 35 has a 10-20% chance of getting pregnant with each IUI. If the woman is over 40, the success rate is only 2-5% in some cases.

There are many reasons couples consider IUI. There can be many reasons for infertility in women or men. However, IUI can be used as a fertility enhancer in the following situations.

  • The mouth of the uterus is called the cervix: Sometimes the sperm cannot enter due to problems in the cervix. In this case, IUI works to deliver the sperm directly into the tubes.
  • Infertility for no reason: IUI along with drugs to induce ovulation is also recommended for unexplained infertility.
  • donor sperm : Men who don’t have sperm and don’t even have a testicular biopsy can get pregnant by doing IUI and searching sperm from the donor sperm bank by matching husband’s profile.
  • Can IUI be used for male infertility? : Low sperm count, decreased sperm motility or ejaculation. In IUI, healthy sperm is selectively collected and introduced directly into the uterus, which increases the chances of fertilization.

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What tests are done before IUI? (What tests are done before IUI in Hindi)

Prior to IUI treatment, your doctor will order some important tests for both men and women, including:

  • sperm test
  • prolactin

  • anti HIV

Testing before IUI treatment can confirm the exact cause of infertility and other illnesses and increase the chances of treatment success.

What Are the Symptoms of Successful IUI? What Are the Symptoms of Successful IUI?

  • Implantation Bleeding: One of the first signs of implantation is bleeding. Since not every woman experiences it, its presence or absence is considered normal.
  • Delayed periods: Delay in menstruation is a great sign towards the possibility of pregnancy. While there may be some spotting or light bleeding in between, don’t worry about it.
  • morning sickness: Nausea or morning sickness are also common symptoms of pregnancy. It can be caused by a strong smell, an aversion to a particular food item, or sometimes for no reason at all.
  • fatigue: You may feel very tired during this time due to the increased levels of the hormone progesterone in your body, as this hormone is known to induce sleep.
  • Persistent high body temperature: An increase in progesterone levels can raise your body temperature. If you notice an increase in your body temperature for 20 or more days, it is a good sign and you may be pregnant. An increase in the level of the hormone progesterone can increase your body temperature.

How is the process of IUI? (Procedure of IUI in Hindi)

For women who think the process of IUI is painful, it is not, it is a painless process. However, in some cases, IUI can be performed during the natural menstrual cycle without the need for any medications. When a woman ovulates naturally, a doctor places sperm in your uterus in a clinic setting during ovulation.

IUI can also be done with ovarian stimulation. Doctors suggest taking medicine to ripen the ovaries and release one or more eggs. Let’s tell you that if more than one egg is released during ovulation, the chances of pregnancy become even higher. The procedure of IUI is done in the clinic, hospital.

For IUI, the woman must go through the following procedures:

  • You will need to have several follow-up appointments with the doctor including ultrasound, blood tests and prescription medications etc.
  • You can use it during your period if medication is prescribed.
  • One week after you start taking the medicine, you will be called back to the clinic for an ultrasound and blood test.
  • Based on the test results, the doctor will confirm when you are ovulating.
  • On the day of the IUI, the male partner provides a sample of his sperm to the hospital or clinic or the sperm is collected from a donor.
  • After the semen is obtained, the semen is purified in the lab so that no irritation or other problem develops in the uterus.
  • First, the woman is asked to lie down on a table.
  • The doctor uses an instrument called a speculum to look at the woman’s uterus.
  • Your doctor injects the sperm through the cervix into the uterus using a long, thin tube.
  • After that, you are advised to lie down on the examination table for about 20-30 minutes.
  • You will be discharged from the clinic a few hours after the procedure is completed.

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