World Kidney Day: Early diagnosis can prevent kidney disease

‘Kidney Health For All’ can be well defined by everyone’s contributions. Dr. Schijn Sunder, Sr. Nephrologist at Kailash Hospital shares his vision for World Kidney Day. The 70th World Kidney Day is celebrated worldwide on Thursday 10 March. The day is celebrated with the theme of ‘Kidney Health for All’ which can only be served by raising public awareness of kidney disease and related preventions. One in ten people suffers from kidney disease. The most common is “chronic kidney disease,” a silent killer like cancer. Symptoms of CKD are usually detected during blood tests and urine tests. In more than 75% of patients, diabetes, family diseases, obesity, etc. are the main causes of CKD.

All patients at risk should contact Kailash Hospital for examination at least once a year to prevent any form of early stage kidney disease. The hospital is well equipped with state of the art facilities to diagnose and implement advanced treatment options.

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